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Graham Hills

Online Travel Professional, Jakarta/Singapore

Finding the inspiration to write

Posted on | August 15, 2012 | No Comments

Those of you who know me may have seen several failed attempts to start a blog – there have been many. And this is my first post here since December 2011 so you could argue that this attempt is not working out any better.

I get motivation to write in fits and starts and then months go by before I write again. A few things have changed this time around I guess. This year I’ve had the chance to write a couple of articles for two sites I really love, Web in Travel and Tnooz. The great thing is that these are sites that people actually read unlike my blog and in this age of instant gratification it’s great to get a comment, a retweet or a like. I’m also actively working with Wego press team to get news out about our company, but what I like best are the stories where we delve deeper into travel trends, especially those here in Indonesia where the market is exploding. So many new travellers starting to explore Indonesia and the world and it makes for some very interesting data and information to share.

I’ve also realised I’m living my dream. Anyone who can read Bahasa Indonesia will be able to understand my post about why I’m moving to Indonesia (now been here 8 months). I’ve wanted to live in Indonesia since I first visited the country in 1993 as a high school student. I’m working in an industry I love, online travel, in a country I love and one that is growing exponentially and with a team that never ceases to amaze me and raise the bar.

What I also realised the other night around 2am, having been woken by my crying 9 month old, is that as an Australian expat living in Jakarta I have some interesting stories to tell based on my experiences living here. I find myself regularly talking to people about living here, moving here; people have a lot of questions and there’s lots to know so hopefully I can share some of that here.

So with all of this, here come’s another attempt at blogging; some English some in Bahasa. Stay tuned!