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Graham Hills

Online Travel Professional, Jakarta/Singapore

Ngapain gw pindah ke Indonesia?

Banyak orang bertanya kepada saya, kenapa sih mau pindah ke Indonesia? Apa yang kamu sukai? Kenapa tidak mau tetap di Australia atau di Singapura saja? Saya sudah cukup lama bolak balik ke Indonesia. Pertama kali ke Indonesia saya berumur 13 tahun pada tahun 1993, masih di high school ketika itu. Dan itu tahun kedua saya […]

Jakarta most popular airport outside US on Foursquare

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the popularity of social networks in Indonesia and the rise in checkin based services such as Koprol and Foursquare. Indonesian people are largely glued to their devices whether they’re stuck in the ‘macet’ (traffic jam), ‘nongkrong di cafe’ (hanging out in a cafe) or at work so it’s […]

Exploring Indonesia one day at a time

If you’re a regular on Flickr or Twitter you may have noticed a lot of people documenting their lives with a photo a day as part of the 365 Project. There’s some really interesting journeys you can take following the lives of people you know and those of complete strangers. Taking a slightly different spin […]

Digital media habits in Southeast Asia 2011

Nielsen have released their findings of a recent study of online behaviour internet users in Southeast Asia. It’s a really interesting read especially considering how fast the internet landscape is changing in the region. Of particular interest to me is what’s happening in Indonesia. With only 21% internet penetration Indonesia trails the rest of the […]

Interesting startups from Indonesia

I recently presented at Web in Travel 2011 in Singapore about some interesting startups in Indonesia. Here’s a copy of my slides that are available on my Slideshare account. Web In Travel Bootcamp – Indonesian Startups. View more presentations from Graham Hills

Wego expanding to Indonesia

As Wego continues on it’s expansion to Indonesia I was interviewed by Joshua Kevin over at Penn-Olson.com. Check out the interview here.